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RoboCup@Home 2018

The qualification procedure for RoboCup@Home 2018 will be differentiated for the three sub-leagues (OPL, DSPL, SSPL) to better accommodate different organization needs.

DSPL will run a two-stage procedure: the first call (Sept. 30) is only for user teams (i.e., teams asking for receiving Toyota HSR), the second call is for qualification for RoboCup@Home 2018 in Montreal.

SSPL will run a single-stage procedure with an early deadline (Oct. 15) for submitting qualification material, in this unique call, all teams interested to participate in RoboCup@Home 2018 in Montreal have to submit the qualification material, teams that want to purchase a SoftBank Pepper robot with the RoboCup conditions should add this request in the qualification material.

All the calls or participation will be listed in this web page and announced through public mailing lists.

Calls for Proposals

Calls for Participation