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RoboCup@Home 2019

The qualification procedure for RoboCup@Home 2019 will be the same for all three leagues (OPL, DSPL, SSPL). To better accommodate different organization needs, two Call for Participations (CFP) will be issued. Teams interested in participating in the RoboCup@Home 2019 in Sydney must submit their qualification material before the deadline.

In the first CFP up to 8 teams will be selected per league. Qualification Materials (QM) for the Standard Platform Leagues (SPLs) can be based on any platform. Qualified teams must confirm their participation before Jan 20th, 2019.

A later, second CFP will be issued in 2019. QM for the SPLs must use the standard platform robot. Participants of the CFP I are welcome to submit their enhanced QM.

All the calls or participation will be listed in this web page and announced through public mailing lists.

Calls for Participation

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